Do you really need to own a snow blower?

Winters in the American Midwest are rough on cars. The cold temperature can make it more difficult to start your car and the snow accumulation can make the roads hazardous. If you live in an apartment, removal of snow in your parking lot is likely managed by the complex owner, but for those who have their own house their driveway snow removal is their own responsibility.

A snow shovel, which costs $15-60, can handle removing snow which accumulates up to 2 inches. Most snowfall in a winter seems to be about 1-2 inches in a single day, so a snow shovel is a good idea to buy and own, as it will likely serve you for several years and really doesn't take up much space in your garage.

But it seems that there is always one or two snowstorms in a winter season which produce 6-12 inches of snow in a day. If that snow is at all dense and heavy, you're going to need a machine to help you. Have you seen the price of a snow blower? Checking on Home Depot's website shows that basic single-stage snow blowers cost $400-900! Consider the responsibility of small-engine maintenance, the cost of mechanical breakdowns, and the space required in your garage, you'd be smart to look at other options of obtaining one of these.

Maybe you can borrow one from a friend for those few times a year you'll actually need it. Your friend will probably have to deliver it to you, but it's worth asking. If you don't have a personal friend who has a snow blower, you can try looking for a snow blower from a rental business nearby you. A search for "snow blower" on indicates you can probably find one for less than $60. Most rental businesses offer delivery service for an extra fee, which you can request when calling them to rent it. If you'd like more options, perhaps closer or for lower price, consider requesting your friends post their snow blowers on so you can easily find and rent it after the next big snow storm.