Introducing Reservations

As equipment renters ourselves, we've had the bad experience of arriving at a rental business to pick up the item only to learn that it is not available - the business gave it to another renter who arrived before us. This problem is a big motivation of our mission to improve the rental experience. When renting, we want to check an item’s availability, commit to that item, and feel assured it will be available for us when we arrive to pick it up. This is a problem easily solved by a reservation system.

Reserving an Item

On item pages, logged-in users will now find a way to make a simple reservation. By selecting a date, pick-up time window, and estimated duration of the rental – the user can send a Reservation Request to the lender. We expect a lender will approve or deny a reservation based on the item's availability or the lender's business hours. A date will be marked as unavailable if the item was approved for reservation on that date through us.

When you make a Reservation Request, the lender will receive an email notification with basic reservation details and a link to their user dashboard, where they can approve or deny the reservation.


Viewing and Approving a Reservation

On your user dashboard, you can see a list of your Active Reservation Requests and their status, and a list of your approved Reservations. If you are the lender of the asset, the Reservation Requests have an approve and deny button. An Approved Reservation Request will be sent to the your "Upcoming Reservations" list.


Future Work

While this is a good start, we want to add more features to make our reservations system a simple and robust way for rental businesses to accept online reservations.

Paul Berg

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