Why am I devoted to changing how people find and purchase rental equipment?

An excellent question!

Over the past 10 years, I’ve ran several small businesses. During that time, I’ve rented quite a bit of equipment, and every time I did, I realized different pain points in the process of renting equipment.

I’ll just write about the first of these pain points today, but down the road I’ll be putting out a couple more quick blog posts about a few others that we’re trying to solve with RentableGear.

#1 :: Rental Gear is Hard to Find

This is one of the biggest issues that RentableGear is trying to fix. We estimate that as many as half of stores that have rental equipment don’t advertise their inventory online. If they do, they likely have a poor user interface into it (think: link to a pdf of an excel spreadsheet). This makes comparing available equipment near you incredibly difficult.

Take for example Nicollet Ace Hardware in Minneapolis, MN. If you were planning to refinish your hardwood floors, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t even know that they rent floor sanding equipment.

There are many companies like this - rentals are not their primary business, but they have a selection of rentables that compliment their business. This makes it really tough to advertise and connect with customers looking for their rentables.

Just down the road from Nicollet Ace Hardware is Magnuson Sod, a landscape supply company. If you lived in my neighborhood and did a google search for "lawn aerator rental", you simply wouldn't find them. In fact, you'd likely end up at The Home Depot 5 miles away!

When you're talking about something that you are charged by the hour for, this extra driving time can very well mean an extra $10 or $20 on your bill.

This is the reason that we've painstakingly built RentableGear to be highly location-based. Our platform aims to put Ace's sanders and Magnuson's lawn aerator right next to every other rental in your area. We hope that by doing so, we can help these small businesses connect with customers looking for their rentables and help their customers find the best rentable near them.

Paul Berg

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