RentableGear’s mission is to be the world’s best online marketplace for rental equipment, enabling anyone to be an effective and trusted equipment lender.


  • Empowerment. Everyone has unused equipment. Advertising them should be easy and free.
  • Trust. Mutual trust is the basis of lending - that’s why we are building tools such as reviews on lenders, renters, and Assets.
  • Clarity. Organize transaction details, such as pricing and terms, to enable clear communication.

Feature Road-Map

  • User Accounts and Marketplace
    • Only existing businesses with rental equipment allowed to list.
  • Communication
    • Tools to communicate between lender and borrower
  • Reviews
    • Support for leaving reviews for Assets, Suppliers, and Renters
  • More Categories
    • Expand into other categories of rentables, like camping, sports, audio, video, and electronics.
  • Transaction tools to enable anyone to be a trusted equipment lender
    • Insurance
    • Reservations
    • Payment processing
    • Communication
    • Rental terms management